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The Navajo Nation Division of Natural Resources is one of several divisions within the Executive Branch of the Navajo Nation government. It consists of the Division of Natural Resources Administration Department, which oversees and manages 12 different departments.Our overall mission is to manage, protect, conserve and preserve the Navajo Nation’s natural and cultural resources for the benefit of the Navajo people.

Whether you’re a member of the Navajo Nation, a potential investor, visitor or you just want to find out more about our natural resources, please do not hesitate to contact any one of our departments.Thank you for your interest in the Navajo Nation and may you travel in safety and in beauty here within our sacred mountains of the Dine’ people.


Division of Natural Resources - (DNR) Central Dispatch is now located at DNR and their phone numbers are: 928‐871‐6491, 7041.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Division of Natural Resources is to manage, protect, conserve and preserve the Navajo Nation’s natural and cultural resources for the benefit of the Navajo people.

In support of this, we will: Protect the sovereignty of the Navajo Nation consistent with cultural values; Foster partnerships with Federal, State, Tribal and local Navajo communities and other interested parties; Provide accountable leadership in optimizing effective use of available resources and balancing this with Navajo cultural values; Conduct our business in an ethical manner being aware that the decisions we make are consistent and based on facts; Treat our customers and associates honestly and with respect; Use standards of performance to meet organizational needs; and Enhance job satisfaction and growth needs of our employees.


Vision Statement

Land, Water, Power and Quality of Life.



  • Is responsible for the efficient management, enforcement, and administration of the Division of Natural Resources.
  • Coordinate with departments and programs of the Division the administrative, financial and operating policies for the Division.
  • Supervise department directors within the Division of Natural Resources; and delegate staff as necessary.
  • Implement rules and regulations governing the optimum utilization of the natural resources of the Navajo Nation.
  • Represent the Navajo Nation government within the area of responsibility and authority of the Division of Natural Resources’ dealings and relation with all persons and organizations outside the Navajo Nation government, including coordination with other Indian tribes for improvement of resource management on Indian lands by working with Congress and federal agencies.
  • Delegate authority to staff as necessary.
  • Set priorities and participate in overall department and program budget planning process.
  • Coordinate the establishment of revolving accounts with the appropriate department and programs and to coordinate with department directors for departments’ effectiveness and progress in accordance with approved operating budget.
  • Serve as a catalyst in initiating and coordinating comprehensive land use planning on Navajo lands by working with the divisions and departments of the Executive Branch and the standing committee of the Navajo Nation Council.
  • Carry out comprehensive resource planning, which integrates department level planning, resources, inventories, alternatives for use, and environmental reviews in order to develop an overall resources management plan.


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Mailing Address:

Division of Natural Resources
PO Box 9000
Window Rock, Arizona 86515


Physical Address:

Indian Route #100
Building #1 - 2636 South Wing of OPVP
Window Rock, AZ 86515


(928) 871-6593/6592



(928) 871-7040


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